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Click here to download the Model 10BIS Data Sheet

Model 10BIS Biscuit
Indexing, Slicing & Packaging




  • Electrical
    208/230/380/460 v,
    3 ph, 50/60 Hz
    3 hp [2.5 kva]

  • Indexing section with separate drive on metering section, slide with adjustable lanes, base conveyor to brake and gate.  Special “Soft Touch” brake will stop multiple rows to release an advancing group.  Indexer conveyor built with indentation for improved lane management by operator.

  • Slicer section with a S90 Single band Slicer on a seven (7) foot frame, space for future hinge slicer.  Uni-Chain belt to be used.  Customer specified blade to be used.

  • Regrouper section with left and right hand separately driven ACVF belts to tighten package with the use of a regrouper gate.

  • A separately powered conveyor continues with the product to move forward to a manual loading section.

  • The filled tray is moved back to the main conveyor with the help of an air powered actuator.  The tray then moves to the sealer section.

  • For moving the reservoir of empty trays a separate side conveyor as shown on the print travels parallel to the main conveyor with operators filling the entry trays and letting the actuator move it into position.

  • Exclusive of L bar sealer and shrink tunnel equipment.

  • Special tray feed conveyor with flight to comb product off grid into tray.

  • UBE Servo powered stacker to pusher grouped product to waiting grid and tray loading station.

  • Loaded tray to move to transfer station to be moved to main conveyor for travel into L-bar sealer.

  • CE Approval, guards and coded magnetic door switches
  • UL Approval
  • CSA Approval
  • Available in metric construction
    (where possible)

Model 2400-100