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the Model 06HL
Data Sheet

Model 06HL Bagger



  • Electrical:
    208/230/380/460 v,
    3 ph, 50/60 hz
    24 VDC control voltage standard

  • Air requirement:
    10 cfm @ 90 psi dry filtered air


  • The 06HL allows operators to hand load product off of a conveyor into separate flights.

  • The flights move the product into the bagger area.

  • Each flight of product is pushed into an inflated bag.

  • The bagged product then moves onto the crossfeed conveyor and is ready to be closed at this point.

  • Products: Soft Rolls, Hard Rolls, Bagels, Muffins, and Pitas.

  • Carry-all free roller infeed

  • Changeable width infeed flights, changeable height of flights

  • Pass-through transfer of the top pusher through the bottom flights

  • Twin bag tables



  • Bag Table

    • Rotary
    • Standard
  • Crossfeed conveyor

    • Curved
    • Straight
  • CE Approval, guards and coded
    magnetic door switches.

  • UL Approval

  • CSA Approval