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Click here to download the Model 11PP Data Sheet

Model 11PP

Penny packing system to slice, lane, put on edge, and bag bagels and English muffins

UBE builds the 11PP for each customer's particular needs. Your machine may vary from this typical unit illustrated. UBE wants to meet with you and design your new line.





  • Specifications vary by product and application. Please contact our sales office about product varieties and speeds.

  • Electrical
    208/230/380/460 V -
    3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
    30 Amps @ 460 V

  • Air Requirements
    2 Drops 10 CFM, 90 PSI -
    Dry filtered

  • Includes encoder position tracking instead of air cylinders

  • The 11AI module (Aligner Indexer) places a random flow of product into lanes for slicing

  • 06BS slicers each have two 2 HP motors and four blades

  • 02LS module (Lane Sorter) ensures lane balancing

  • Gate and brake indexer

  • Inclined drop chute (up to 6 or 12 lanes)

  • Flexible orientation ("tops-up" or "tops-down")

  • Drop gate at chute for improved product delivery

  • Tray bagger infeed conveyor accepts varied sizes of product

  • Bagger with brush-supported tucker area

  • Intralox bagger outfeed belt


  • Center tracking (no side
    to side wandering)
  • Posi-Loc telescoping adjustment (no position shift)
  • Direct Drive (no hi-lo
    pulley maintenance)
  • Stainless steel frame construction

  • Automatic Rotary Bag Table

  • 12-Lane drop chute
    (standard is 6 lanes)

  • Top Transfer Hood

- Lexan®

- Slotted aluminum


Model 11PP